Best of the bunch


28ers cycle group

who are we ?


Well for sure we're no youngsters, though still like to kid ourselves we've got what it takes.

Occassionally sprinting for the imaginary line. When will we be realistic ?

Nonetheless we love our sport and dressed to kill we create a daunting image to the local Spaniards.

Of course our bikes are our pride and joy, cared for lovingly.

As you've guessed we're a select group, mates at heart and looking out for each other.

Images from the Tour de France 1928...perhaps the original 28ers

Where does all this action start ? ...


Essential Ingrediants

All riders must wear helmets, it's the law and wisely so.

Please carry Medical SIP card or European equivalent.

Name and contact source.

It would be playing the part if all riders wore the strip, when it's organised, it wont be expensive.

In addition each rider is expected to have third party insurance cover, This can be arranged easily and is inexpensive.

That's all it takes to have fun and safe riding, come and join us.

Website information

The site features character from the 1928 Tour de France.


The winner that year was Nicolas Frantz 38years old. He also won the previous year and was 2nd  1925 and 1926, so quite the hero of his time/

Other characters are Victor Fontan  dismounting his bike.

I'll research for more information .LOL

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